About Us

Simple Logic IT Pvt.Ltd is a software services company which manages business critical functions of large corporates. Our customers are our partners who rely on us to ensure top performance of their business applications. Simple Logic established itself in 2009 and have now grown to serve over fifty marquee customers spread across multiple geographies. We are headquartered out of Mumbai and rapidly expanding globally.

We work with global software principles like Oracle and Microsoft, to deliver superlative services with a focus on emerging organizations worldwide. We are committed to help you make the most from Information Technology and your technology assets. Whether it is Oracle Database Management, MS SQL Database Management or a Software Development Project, our processes and people are all geared towards making engagements smooth and effective. From emerging corporations to global giants, we strive to walk the extra mile for all our clients.

Simple Logic IT Pvt.Ltd. has assimilated all its experience into its mobile application, METAL.

METAL is comprehensive field sales automation system created for businesses of all sizes. METAL is made up of simple and convenient modules. METAL is easy to navigate and understand. It helps the sales team in the field to conduct its everyday tasks with ease. METAL helps the salesperson manage all his business like booking orders, servicing clients, check stocks, collecting competitive information, promoting products, administering schemes, schedule business travel, plan tasks, managing sales returns, apply for leaves, apply reimbursements etc. from one single mobile app.

Primarily it is a real time sales tracking systems helping in targeting potential markets thus, resulting in higher sales every time.

Our sales field track app is a complete solution, for all field salespersons in which they can manage sales, schedule business travels, check stock status and much more.